What is it?


Partnering is a term used more and more frequently within the business community these days. We believe partnering is a concept that is critical for continued success. So, for the benefit of our employees, customers and manufacturers, we developed the following definition:

  • Partnering is a relationship in which each partner wins.
  • It identifies mutual goals and objectives.
  • It develops strategic plans, within the capability of each partner, to achieve these mutual goals and objectives.
  • The partners must understand each other’s business well enough so that they will never ask the other to do something which is not in the best interest of that partner or the partnership.
  • To enhance the business and profits for each other long term, the partners must be willing to equally share the risks and liabilities.
  • Realizing it’s not always a 50/50 situation, the partnership needs to be resilient enough to withstand imbalances for short periods of time. There needs to be a pioneering spirit that understands that the end result desired is good for each partner and the partnership.
  • Partnering opens channels of communications and confronts difficulties head-on in a businesslike manner to preserve and grow the relationship.


“Partnering must always maintain the individual integrity of each partner.”